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CNS Research Support Services (RSS) is a centralized office located in the Dean’s Office of the College of Natural Sciences (CNS) created to assist CNS faculty, students, and professional staff with pre-award proposal development for official submission by the University.

CNS RSS provides guidance on the grant submission process including interpretation of University and sponsor guidelines; budget calculations; and assembly of comprehensive proposal applications in the UMass Amherst Kuali Research Admin System.

CNS RSS transmits the proposal package via Kuali to the UMass Amherst sponsored research office (OPAS) for a compliance review, and for required AOR (authorized organizational representative) approval, and for the official OPAS submission to sponsors/funding agencies.

Note: All sponsored research funding requests must route through UMass Amherst sponsored research office (OPAS), whether it is a competitive grant proposal application; or a non-competitive funding allocation.

  • Institution Name: University of Massachusetts Amherst: (UMass Amherst)
  • Institution EIN (Federal Employer Identification number): 043-167-352
  • Institution DUNS (Data Universal Numbering System): 153926712
  • Institution UEI (Unique Entity Identifier): VGJHK59NMPK9

UMass Amherst Key Contacts; Indirect Cost Rates; Fringe Benefits Rates; are published on Fact Sheet:

NIH applicants must have an NIH Commons ID affiliated with University of Massachusetts Amherst:

NSF applicants must have NSF/ ID affiliated with University of Massachusetts Amherst: